Seat Connect

Seat Connect is a seat cover made of foam for seats in stadium stands, which create a unique communication medium inside the stadium.


The fans’ experience would not be complete without this digital medium

Fitted with several technologies, a QR code, an NFC chip, Ibeacon, Seat connect offers only the best for direct marketing operations.

Not only do they give a digital touch to the stadium, but our seat covers are aesthetically pleasing. With customised sublimation, Seat Connect adds trendy design and colours to the stands.

A storage area providing a new way to display magazines, brochures, flags and goodies to fans.

3 technologies for your marketing strategy!

NFC chip:
NFC (Near Field Communication) technology makes it possible for data to be exchanged between the broadcaster and receiver within a 10-cm range.

Ibeacon technology transmits data within a 30 to 50-m range, launching operations on smartphones which can receive that kind of data.

QR codes:
QR is a type of two-dimensional barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a square grid on a white background. This code makes it possible for you to access different data on your smartphone.


Tailor-made seat covers made in France


First and foremost, Seat Connect is committed to fulfilling its primary role, that is to make the seats in the stands even more comfortable. That is why our seat covers are made of fabric laminated with a 10mm-ply flame retardant foam. Through a unique sponsorship, we customise your seats using the technique of your choice: embroidery, silkscreen printing, transfer, etc.

Our seat covers being locally made guarantees a quality product which can be reused and has a 3-year outdoor life span.

Last but not least, Seat Connect systems comply with the M1 fireproof standard guaranteeing a fireproof product.