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Find out the story behind the first digital medium connected to stadium stands in the world

Philippe Joreau
“My journey began in 1998 when I designed the first seat covers for the opening of the Stade de France stadium.

Through this first successful experience, I have passed on this expertise to various sport stakeholders and met with Europe’s leading football clubs (Olympique Lyonnais, AS Rome, Racing Metro, etc.) and the biggest federations, and have also taken  part in major sports competitions (Football World Cup, Rugby World Cup, etc.). Our expertise has evolved and been refined over time through our services and meetings. It is during one of these meetings that the idea of using our seat covers for advertising came to me.

However, we cannot possibly limit our offer to a mere communication space. We need to offer a digital tool optimising its exclusive location inside the stadium. Getting in touch and exchanging information has become so much easier with smartphones, QR codes and NFCs that I am convinced: we need a digital tool inside the stadium.

Advertiseat was set up to create the first advertising network in the stands in order to provide advertisers with a unique way of communicating closely with the fans while offering stadium agents a new source of income.”


The sports business is a promising field … the statistics speak for themselves!

1.2 To
of data exchanged during the 2012 playoffs

69.3 million
mobile phones in France, among which 40% are smartphones (28 million)

20,000 to 28,000
members simultaneously connected at the Bernabeu Stadium in 2013

of Rolland Garros visitors are waiting for digital services, 71% would like video content


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Philippe Joreau

Philippe Joreau

Founding President

Manuel Dos Santos

Manuel Dos Santos

Managing Director